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Blast #12: Exactly 50 Years Ago Today

Aiken High School
Class of 1971



Today, June 11, marks the 50th anniversary—to the day—of the Aiken Senior High School Class of 1971 Graduation ceremony.

As best our research can reveal, the customary location for graduation—Music Hall—was closed for renovations. The UC Fieldhouse, better known for Oscar Robertson and rock concerts, was Plan B.

We reached out to a few grads to ask what they remembered….

“My personal memories of graduation that day are vague and unremarkable, for the most part…  What I do remember clearly is the celebratory dinner and dancing I enjoyed that evening with my parents and grandparents, basking in the glow of their admiration and the absolute certainty they had regarding my limitless future!”

“We smuggled in some beer under our gowns. With some really long straws. It was our silent rebellion for not being at Music Hall.”

“… I led a very sheltered and boring life so what passed for excitement on graduation was actually very boring to anyone else. I rode with my family to the graduation so that was pretty easy. Frankly, I have no real recollection of the ceremony or even the recessional except for a couple of slides taken by my dad… The really special end of the evening was a small party thrown by a classmate’s family at their home. It was wonderful….“

“My name was called as I walked across the stage. Well, not my name, but my name badly mispronounced.”

“Graduation? That was fine. Later that night, I double-dated and we went to a party on Raeburn Drive. I have no idea whose house it was, and I actually never quite made it inside. But I remember having a really good time.”

Some alum have said, “I don’t think I’m coming to the reunion; there’s no one I want to see.” Others have said, “I sure hope [so-and-so] is there; I’d love to see them.” You just might be the so-and-so in someone else’s life.

Our reunion will be November 6, 2021, 7-11pm at Centennial Barn. For the latest news, classmate profiles, or to buy tickets, visit the reunion webpage at aiken71.com.

Christopher Press