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Blast #15 (07/29/2021): “Hey, Big Spender,” It’s a Bit of a Fog…

I was pleased to see that fellow ’71 alum Jan Phillips created a profile page on our site recently.  She lived a couple of blocks up the street from us and was friends with Cary Beck (Aiken '70?) whom I knew from church.  Anyway, we all stood at the bus stop by the dry-cleaners every morning and chatted.

My Dad recognized Jan at graduation and took her picture, below. Through our reunion webpage, Jan and I learned we’ve both since lived in Phoenix, and we were—sort of—neighbors again.

What I had forgotten is that I had some additional color slides from Aiken.  I found a total of ten pictures, two of them featured here, including one from a variety show when a flock of our lady classmates serenaded one of our assistant principals, our socio economics teacher and another faculty member with the show tune "Big Spender.” For the life of me I don't recognize the third man on stage, but I do remember Messrs. D'Amico and Hays did a wonderful job hamming it up for this piece. I wish I had a video of it! 

What wonderful memories! Photos from that night were taken from my usual post by the lighting board.  It would be worthwhile to get feedback from the performers' perspective. Perhaps some from the choral group could fill in the details about that night, either before or at the Class of 1971 Reunion, November 6, 2021, 7-11 pm at Centennial Barn.


Tickets can be purchased on the reunion website, https://www.aiken71.com/class_custom.cfm?page_id=1351080, where you can pay by check (using mailing instructions provided at checkout) or by credit card. Check is preferred, by the way, since it saves us the processing fee. Cost is $60 per person, and includes old friends, live music, catered dinner and cash bar. If you have any trouble ordering, give website administrator Keith Brown a call for friendly assistance! 513-602-5544.

Our reunion will be November 6, 2021, 7-11 PM at Centennial Barn. For the latest news, classmate profiles, messaging registered alums, or to buy tickets, visit the reunion webpage.

 --Saul Aguiar


Centennial Barn (pictured nearby), our Reunion venue, is a charming, spacious, and versatile event venue accommodating up to 300 guests and includes indoor and outdoor spaces. The historic brick barn was constructed in 1899.  Its unique aesthetic offers a rustic, yet elegant, two-story venue with an open atrium.

All funds from rentals support the work of Franciscan Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization serving those in need. The Centennial Barn, 110 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45215.