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Blast # 23

There was quick and noticeable reaction to the recent email we sent which showed a collection of previously unseen-by-anyone photos from our Aiken years. That old phrase is true: A picture is worth a thousand words.

We cherish our memories, no matter how we replay them. But, as wonderful as it can be to hear a story well told or read an artfully written recollection, there’s something powerful about seeing a moment in time, even if we don’t know the circumstances that led to the photo.

It’s one thing to recall how much we appreciated teachers like Graal Braun, Fran Haas, Tom Stark or Harry Wynn, but our memories of them are so enhanced when we see a candid shot of them leading a class or a school activity. The same is true of a prom, a game played by one of Aiken’s teams, an after-school activity or just plain tomfoolery. 

That’s why high school yearbooks are so popular. They aren’t books we read, but photo albums that remind us of important and even light moments in time.

Your Reunion committee appreciates how photos can tell a powerful story, which is why we’re assembling a slide show to share throughout our 50th Anniversary gathering at Centennial Barn on Nov. 6. Mary Wesseler Perkins has taken the lead on putting together a reel chock full of Aiken memories, flavored with views of what Cincinnati life was like in those days. Saul Aguiar and Sue Stenten Gilman have provided images, as have other members of the committee, but guess what? You can, too.

Do you have snapshots from our high school years or other images that really take you back to memorable moments? If so, we invite you to email scans of those images to Aiken Reunion secretary Geoff Mayfield at geoff_mayfield@att.net. The more of you who do, the more complete our reel of memories will be.

Just imagine the conversations these images will spark when we gather at the Aiken ’71 Reunion. We sure hope to see you there.

The last day to get tickets is October 21.   Tickets can be purchased on the TICKETS page of the reunion website, where you can pay by check (using mailing instructions provided at checkout) or by credit card. Check is preferred, by the way, since it saves us the processing fee. Cost is $60 per person, and includes old friends, live music, catered dinner and cash bar. If you have any trouble ordering, give website administrator Keith Brown a call at 513-602-5544 for friendly assistance!

Your 50th Reunion Committee
Saul Aguiar
Lisé Bohannon
Keith Brown
Sue Stenten Gilman
Sylvia Hill
Kermit Kinne
William “Bill” Kirkwood
Geoff Mayfield
Kristeen Estep McKenzie
Charlotte Weiser Pamplin
Christopher Press
Linda Palumbo Ratterman
Laura Howard Scudder