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In Memory

Matt Schwan
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01/10/21 06:02 AM #1    

Christopher Press

I knew Matt since about 1965, when we met in summer school at Schwab. He was coming from Mt Airy Elem, and I was from College Hill Elem. I've no precise recollection of what he or I might have "studied" that summer, or our first meeting. But we became lifelong friends, starting as boys, as young men through college, as young men getting married and starting families, as parents, as business professionals, as faith-seekers, as hobbyists, and as retirees. Like all of us, Matt had several orbits of life: family, church, youth, fraternity, work, his farm life. He made a larger-than-life impression in every one. I'm a better man, and my family is a better family, for having known him.

I miss him terribly. May God rest his soul, and give strength and courage to those he has gone before.

For many years our families (and others) attended a church camp together. Affter a week of being together, on the Saturday morning of departure we all gathered for the week's final, communal breakfast in a large dining hall. At the conclusion of the meal, traditional and reverance dictate that everyone stand, and commence the traditional hymnal which, without fail, left everyone weeping with melancholy, joy, and hope: a version of "Till We Meet Again."

Till we meet again. 



01/10/21 12:22 PM #2    

Bill Nadler (Nadler)

Thanks Chris for starting this memorial...

Like Chris, I knew Matt from an early age, 4 years old (1957).  Our parents were members of Christ Lutheran Church in Colerain and we were in the same Sunday School classes from age 4 through our high school years.  Church membership including milestones like Confirmation (1967), Youth Group participants and officers (1967 - 1971), weddings, kids baptisms, various church committees and leadership positions.  

Somewhere during the high school years, he fell in love with my younger sister Mary Lynn (Aiken class of '73).  They were married in April 1976, so not only were we best of friends but brothers-in-law as well.  

It would take days to recount all the life experiences that we shared.  He was larger than life, smart, fun, outrageous at times, always unpredictable which made those experiences the best and most memorable.  

More than anything he was a man of great faith and while we will miss him greatly, I know that he is in the presence of Jesus enjoying a well-deserved rest.

01/10/21 12:54 PM #3    

Mark Mueller

Thanks to Chis and Bill for starting this river of remembrance. I only knew Matt since I moved to College Hill from Greenhills in 7th grade , but I always respected and admired him. I will always remember his sister Kris, who accompanied me on piano once on the stage at Aiken . Precious People for sure , and hello to Chris and Bill.

01/11/21 02:50 AM #4    

Saul Aguiar

Wow:  Didn't know Matt very well but was a huge fan of his wry sense of humor.  Wasn't he the creator of the "Property of the Aiken It's Academic Team"  T-shirts pictured in the year book?

01/11/21 12:22 PM #5    

Kandace Stohr (Stocker)

After going to school with Matt, from Jr. High, to High School we then worked together for 25 years at Emery Chemical Co. He was such a Good Guy & a Gentleman. He certainly will be missed. 

01/11/21 12:35 PM #6    

Laura Howard (Scudder)

I was so sorry to hear about Matt! I was lucky enough to have gone to Mt. Airy Elementary with him, also.

Bill Kirkwood recently told me they were still great friends and I was looking forward to seeing him again at the reunion. He was a sharp wit and a good guy. It's comforting to know he was a man of great faith and his friends are there for his family. God bless all of them and keep them.

01/11/21 07:52 PM #7    

Bill Kirkwood

Matt was lover of classical music and opera. He was not so keen on rock n roll but there were some songs that got him excited. One was Derek and the Domino's "Keep on Growing". When I learned of his passing I played the song over and over. For me the song represented his quest for challenge and the love he had for his lovely wife Lynn. Matt's zest for life was magnetic. He will be so missed by so many. 

01/12/21 04:31 PM #8    

Linda Mullinger (Lack)


So so sorry to hear about Matt's passing.  I knew Matt in school but more on the periphery because I knew his friends (mostly Bill Nadler).  But more so because my sister Kathy kept in touch as she was friends with Lynn.   I worked in Oxford for 6 years and always thought I'd call and connect up and never did   Shame on me!! It's hard to hear of the passing of good people and hope that his family have comfort in the memories of this good man.  RIP sir!  I know you are missed.






01/12/21 07:29 PM #9    

Kevin Stanforth

I believe I first met Matt at Schwab but never really got to know him until we attended Aiken. We were in a few classes together and it seemed to me that Matt always had a smile on his face, never had a bad day or at least showed it, had this uncanny ability to laugh when he talked all the while possessing more than a hint of mischeviousness.  We are better people for have known him and we all thank our Creator for giving us these years with him.  He will be missed and like Chris said,  Till we meet again.

02/12/21 12:46 PM #10    

Geoffrey Mayfield

Knew Matt since Mt. Airy Elementary. So enjoyed seeing him at earlier Aiken '71 Reunions and had so looked forward to catching up with him at our next one. Have a fond memory of running into him randomly at the Graeter's shop in College Hill during college years and how warmly he greeted me. Although tall enough to contribute to our basetball team, what I'll always remember was the size of his heart.

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